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Fall Trend Alert!! Coming attractions and a big surprise….

Jamie Vine on the set of "Vinyl" - Source unknown

This ain’t your Grandma’s hairdo!

Last month I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of the biggest and baddest hair shows in North America, Premiere Orlando.  It was an awesome scene with 200,000 hairdressers and all the top educators from Redken, Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon and Farouk all descending on Orlando FL for 3 days of “shear” mayhem.

There were so many industry greats in attendance such as Martin Parsons (the updo king of well, the entire world), Sam Villa and my person hero and unknowing mentor, the amazing and ridiculously talented Tracey Hughes. This woman is not only at the tippity top of the A List for education but she is a true visionary and yes I have vowed to drink the Tracey Hughes Kool-Aid until my last breath.  What she says, goes and what she said will blow your mind.

On my flight down to Orlando, (the very first thing I learned is that I will never fly coach again, a big shout out to Alaska Airlines for the awesome upgrade!) I could hardly contain the giddy excitement that was welling up in me in at mere thought of all the new trends I was lucky enough to get the inside scoop on. I should have probably lain off the Baileys and coffee on the flight but it was free so what the hell right? I figured upon my triumphant return I could fill you in on the inside track of what is going to be hot and the one huge surprise that I’ve been waiting for since I was a teeny tiny baby hairdresser. Rest easy, it is not the Rachel haircut or the Kelly Clarkson chunky blonde, black and red stripes but better. This one gives me the hairstylist shivers. Hold that thought, I’ll come back to that in a second.

White blonde is still white hot and intermixed with cool denim colors.

Balayage, ombres and the strong rooted blondes are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. The relative ease of the lived in look is actually gaining popularity across all age groups and even men are getting in on the action. I never thought I would be so happy to see that blonde tipped fauxhawk douche bag haircut finally die minus the possible sighting of it on an MTV Spring Break Special from Cabo.

Reds and coppers and yes, even warm rich gold tones and slowly creeping their way back into our hair at last!

The “granny trend” is finally coming to its demise. Mere words cannot express how happy I am to give that one the proper funeral it deserves. I will be the first in line to light a candle, say a little prayer and throw the first handful of dirt on to its coffin and bury it 6 feet under never to be seen again.

White blonde is still white hot and intermixed with cool denim colors is an amazing carry over from the denim collections that were all over the runways in New York, London and Paris all last year.

Port Moody Stylist Erin Antos
Photographer: Culture Thug Photography, Model: Linnea Antos, Stylist: Erin Antos
Golden Spiral Perm - Source Unknown

But the biggest surprise of them all?  It’s mean to keep you in suspense any longer. Bring on the curls!! Lots of curls!! From the big beachy wave to the tight spiral, perms are back in a huge way.

Look at your Instagram or Pinterest. Nearly every single amazing color is enhanced with curls of some form or another. Shows such as Vinyl are taking that late 70’s and early 80’s spiral look to a whole new level. This is defiantly not your Grandma’s perm though. Not by a long shot.

With the curly look only gaining in momentum, we are quickly ditching the curling iron, wand or flat iron for something well…a little more permanent. Spiral perms, braided perms, body wave perms and just about any conceivable way to perm hair is the biggest new trend and will only continue to gain steam as the technology gets better and better. Big perms, little perms, soft perms….this is like perm porn for a texture lover like me!!

Here are 4 basic rules to remember to help you get the perfect perm.

Never forget to bring your pictures for references.

You and your stylist could have completely different ideas about what a beachy wave or tousled look may be. Curly girls of Instagram is a great place to start. Bring in more than one picture to ensure that you are all on the same page.

Don’t freak out when perm rods seem to placed haphazardly.

Curly hair naturally layers itself and has a different movement to it all together. Unlike in the 1980’s when all the perm rods were placed in nice neat little rows, perm rods today are wrapped in what may appear to be a hot mess, but like anything worth having, there is always method to the madness.

Size does matter…when it comes to your perm rods.

“I got a perm in 1988 and I looked like a frizzy poodle!” That is the one phrase that we hear time after time. It’s now 2016 and a perm can mean a wave or that carefree tousled look. The size and shape of the perm rod will ultimately determine the size of the curl. So you don’t want your Grandma’s perm? Stay away from the extra small yellow rods.  If you’re looking for more volume and wave talk to your stylist. There are new methods and tools to get that perfect perm wrap for you.

Talk to your stylist about which perm treatment is right for you.

If any of you ever watched our favorite blonde, Elle Woods break her first murder case wide open in Legally Blonde she knew that the active ingredient in perms is ammonium thioglycolic acid. It sounds scary enough and that was true as little as 10 years ago but the technology has come far and thio free perms are a great option for colored hair, which is now about 70% of the population and it is a little less permanent, meaning that is simply does not last as long as the traditional perm. In defense of the traditional perm, the technology on that has come a very long way and perming does not have nearly the same harsh ramifications on your hair as they did a long time ago.

Armed with this information, you can boldly go back into the world of curls, waves and everything in between. Texture is a great thing. To all the natural curly girls out there like me, it’s now time to embrace the curl and let it fly the way nature intended.

Style is something that each of us already has, all we need to do…is find it.

~Diane Von Furstenberg

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